Product Manager, Designer, Maker

Award-winning Product Manager highly regarded for 12 years of delivering impactful products, innovative technology, and new businesses for Fortune 500 companies and mission-driven organizations.

Sought for expertise in technology consultation, ideation, creative art production, and multi-million-dollar product management.

Passionate about delighting users and pursuing designs and features that best drive business goals, using agile methodologies to release value rapidly and respond to real user feedback.


Lead Product Strategist, Emerging Technologies 2013 - Present

Provide lead product management for clients of a mission-driven creative technology consultancy, helping leaders of start-ups and Fortune 500 companies around the world deliver products that matter to their users.

Build and direct teams as large as 100 people with budgets ranging up to millions of dollars, leveraging exceptional interpersonal, organizational, and product management skills to lead with empathy, innovation, and passion.

Manage the entire product life-cycle, from ideation and strategic development to producing rapidly iterated prototypes and shipping final products.

Notable Projects

C4 Media, Conference feedback platform – Product Manager

Product Manager for the creation and execution of a platform of participant feedback wearables for the QCon international developer conference.

Tchibo, Connected coffee machine – Product Strategist

Defined product strategy and led a development team for the embedded computer interface for the Q-bo connected coffee machine as well as the corresponding smartphone app and loyalty program.

GAP Inc, Validated learning process - Product Strategist

Worked with the VP of Engineering to institute a new method for innovation across the organization and to change the development process between Product and Engineering.

Natural Markets Food Group, Retail food at Eaton Center – Lead Product Manager

Defined product differentiation for a retail food/restaurant concept at Toronto Eaton Center, conceptualizing and designing technologies for customer payment, customer experience, online ordering, and Point of Sales and Operations.

Social and Economic Justice Lead, San Francisco 2015 - 2018

Led and organized initiatives for activists, non-profits, and a few radical librarians to exponentially increase their impact and serve vulnerable communities.

Created and maintained partner relationships and initiatives for the San Franciso ThoughtWorks office.

Recognized for technology innovation in the healthcare space for UCSF Virtual Mentor, winner of a “Saving Lives at Birth” Seed Grant and a winner of Johnson & Johnson’s GenH Challenge.

Notable Projects

UCSF Virtual Mentor – Product Manager

Led development for a voice-controlled, virtual assistant that guides birth attendants through complicated or emergency procedures, for University of California-San Francisco’s Institute for Global Health Sciences.

Response Innovation Lab, Matchmaker – Product Strategist

Designer and Program manager for a platform for humanitarian sector problem-holders to be matched with advisers and solutions, overseeing an MVP for pilot programs in Jordan, Somalia, and Puerto Rico.

Hutton 2.0, digital storytelling and political education – Organizer, Mentor

Mentored and taught youth game development, design, storytelling, and political education.

The Playsets Team, LLC

Co-Founder & Product Designer 2013 - 2018

Designed and brought to market “Playsets”, a collection of digital maps and miniatures for epic remote role-playing, resulting in tens of thousands of users in over 100 countries.

Designed and executed product marketing strategies, including successful Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaigns.

Selected for Indie Megabooth at PAX Prime.

Discovery Communications

Director of Product and Engineering, MyDiscovery 2011 - 2013

Provided leadership for a team of developers and designers creating an online “Social Knowledge” platform, overseeing hiring, development, and mentorship for the team.

Head of Product for “Collagio,” an app that let users easily create, share, and discover collections of curated and original content.

Collaborated closely with developers and designers to prototype, validate, prepare product specs, and launch products.

Eyeboogie Inc

Chief Operating Officer, Eyeboogie Labs 2010 - 2011

Created and managed a profitable independent subsidiary, Eyeboogie Labs; oversaw operations, strategic vision, building partnerships, and securing and maintaining clients.

Extended existing relationships into new opportunities in social media, interactive experiences, and application development.

Directed digital product development, including websites, apps (web and iOS), and custom streaming video solutions.

Designed “Pop Tool” a video workflow tool and knowledge base that allowed writers of “Pop Up Video 2.0” to work exponentially faster than previously possible.

Director of New Media 2007 - 2010

Integrated technology into multiple television projects allowing for new production capabilities including multi-channel integrations for live audience voting and live video streaming.

Produced a documentary featured on “Natural Born Killers” Blu-Ray release.

Production Design

Worked closely with directors, producers, and cinematographers to achieve the overall visual look of film projects. Responsible for execution including designing sets, drafting, budgeting, managing and participating in construction, and leading the art department during production.

Notable Projects

“You are a tourist” Death Cab For Cutie

Production designer for the world’s first live broadcast, scripted, multi-camera, one-take music video shoot. Nominated for Best Art Direction at 2011 MTV Video Music Awards.

“Adidas all in” (Los Angeles) Adidas

Production designer for Los Angeles locations for Adidas International ad campaign, the largest in the brand’s history.

“Born free” M.I.A.

Production designer for short film/ music video nominated for “Best Dance Video” at the 2010 UK Music Video Awards and ranked by NME as thirteenth on a list of the 100 Greatest Music Videos Ever Made.

“The nature between Us” William Campbell

Production designer for short film selected for SXSW 2009.

“The execution of Solomon Harris” Wyatt Garfield + Ed Yonitis

Production designer for short film selected for SXSW 2008.


Savannah College of Art and Design

Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television Production

UCSF Virtual Mentor